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It is the policy of the Government of Tonga that the Marine and Ports Division of the Ministry of Infrastructure is the national agency responsible for overseeing the strategic development of the Tongan maritime industry and for ensuring a safe, secure, and efficient and pollution free maritime and shipping industry.

The authority of the Marine and Ports Division is derived from national maritime legislation and the Minister and activities conducted by Marine and Ports Division personnel are in accordance with duly granted authority.

Our Vision: “A professional and responsive maritime administration encouraging industry and community development in compliance with established maritime legislation”

Our Mission: “Safe and secure ships and ports, clean seas and a viable maritime industry”

Quality Objectives

Marine and Ports Division is committed to providing a level of service to all its clients that consistently meets or exceeds expectations.

Clients are our focus and the provision of quality service to those clients is paramount.

Only appropriately trained, qualified and motivated personnel are employed in the delivery of quality services and the level of services provided to clients will always be clearly defined.

Service performance and delivery are constantly reviewed in order to maintain consistent quality improvement.

The Division strives to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with partner organizations and the maritime industry.

Operating Principles

To achieve these quality objectives Marine and Ports Division operates in accordance with the following principles:

  • Staff behaves in a professional manner in all dealings with clients and prospective clients;
  • Staff operates at all times with integrity in assisting each client improve their operations and achieve required objectives;
  • The needs of current clients are paramount and services delivery is prompt and efficient;
  • Participative decision making is achieved through an open environment with effective communications;
  • Quality management of safety, security and environmental well-being are core values vital to our success;
  • Cost effective management contributes to financial success and stability.
Shipping Companies and Shipping Agents in Tonga

Friendly Island Shipping Agency

The Friendly Island shipping agency operates the MV Otuanga’ofa, a ship gifted to the Government of Tonga by the Government of Japan.

The MV Otuanga’ofa is the main interisland passenger ferry linking Tongatapu with the Ha’apai group and the Vava’u group.

Eua Sea Transportation Council

The Eua Sea Transportation Council operates the MV ‘Onemato. The MV ‘Onemato was purchased from Seo Dong Maritime Services of Busan, South Korea, and arrived in Nuku’alofa in February 2013. The MV ‘Onemato travels daily from Tongatapu to Eua.

Uata Shipping Line

South Seas Co. Ltd

Transam Dateline Shipping Agency

Forum Shipping Agency

Vava’u Shipping Services

The Vava’u Shipping Services provides the stevedore services at Halaevalu Wharf.


The Nuku’alofa ports on the main island of Tongatapu, including Queen Salote Wharf, Vuna Wharf and the Yellow Pier, are managed and maintained by the Ports Authority, Tonga.

The Marine and Ports Division currently manages and operates services to the following ports:

  • Vava’u - Halaevalu Port
  • Ha’apai - Taufa’ahau Port
  • Ha’apai - Pulotu Port
  • Niuas - Futu Port
  • Niuas - Pasivulangi Port
  • Eua - Nafanua Port
Marine Environment

The 172 islands of Tonga are spread out over an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) comprising approximately 700,000 of predominantly sea. Therefore, protection of the marine environment is particularly important.

Raster navigational charts of Tonga’s EEZ are available for free from the Land Information New Zealand website.

Conservation and the management of marine resources and the environment is overseen by:

  • The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
  • The Ministry of Fisheries
  • The Ministry of Infrastructure (Marine and Ports Division)

The National Marine Pollution Committee was approved in 2005 to advise the minister on:

  • The National Marine Spill Contingency Plan
  • Participation in bilateral and/or multilateral Contingency Plans
  • Response to marine pollution incidents
  • Provision of waste reception facilities to ships