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Policy and Planning Division was established on the 1 July 2012 after the amalgamation of the former Ministry of Transport and Works to form the Ministry of Infrastructure. Given the significant of the Ministry to the economic and social development of Tonga, this Division was tasked with ensuring effective system of planning, procurement, legal, human resource management and development projects are in place to assist the operation of the Ministry. Policy and Planning Division’s links to higher Ministry Outcome and Outputs.

Internal Outcome

That the Ministry operates efficiently and effectively based on appropriate leadership, policy, planning and financial implementation of the Ministry’s outputs in accordance with available budget and resources.

  1. Effective internal planning and policy, procurement and legal system
  2. Improved management of the Ministry’s human resources.
Our Internal Services

Policy & Planning Divisions provides the following services;

  1. Planning and economic advice services
  2. Procurement services
  3. Legal services
  4. Management and administrations of human resource services