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Our Vision 
Achieving better quality, safer, affordable and readily available building infrastructures and services that support sustainable well-being and resilience of the people of Tonga. 
1. Building Control and Standards Act (2002)
Section 10: Building Permits 
 i. Subject to section 20 of this Act every person intending to erect a building shall first obtain a building permit from the Building Controller as prescribed by the Regulations. 
ii. The Building Controller shall require the payment of a prescribed fee before issuing a building permit. 
2. Building Control and Standards Regulations (2004)
Section 4: Application for a building permit 
Any person who wishes to erect a building shall apply to the Building Controller in the form prescribed in Schedule 1 with the proof of payment of the appropriate building permit fee prescribed in Schedule 4. 
3. National Building Code of the Kingdom of Tonga (2007)
The basic objective of the Code is to ensure that acceptable standards of structural sufficiency, fire safety, health and amenity, are maintained for the benefit of the community now and in the future. 
4. Tonga Housing Recovery Policy (2019)
The Housing Recovery Policy includes many ideas about how Tonga can strengthen its approach to post-disaster housing recovery and ensure housing recovery contributes to strategic national development goals, particularly risk reduction.