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Prime Minister of Tonga, Hon. Hu'akavameiliku, Minister for Finance, Hon. Tatafu Moeaki & Minister for Infrastructure, Hon. Sevenitini Toumoua at the signing ceremony.

Contract signing ceremony took place today at the Ministry of Infrastructure with the recipients for 40 houses that is yet to be built under the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai Tsunami Project under the supervision of the Ministry.

The Honorable Prime Minister of Tonga, Hon. Hu’akavameiliku, Hon. Tatafu Moeaki, Finance Minister, Hon. Poasi Tei, Minister of MEIDECC and Minister for Infrastructure, Hon. Sevenitini Toumoua were present at the ceremony to witness this happy occasion. Mr. ‘Ahovalu Siale of ew Dawn Breaker was also there representing the contractors who will be working on these houses.

Minister for Infrastructure, in his speech, stated that victims of the Tsunami are “the people that needs our help. They are being forced from their homes and their livelihoods and are in search of new homes and that is our main obligation to help the vulnerable people of this country

“Some of the victims are seeking shelter in homes of people they are not related to, and some are welcomed into homes that desperately needs help too. That is the mission of this government and this Ministry, to help those who are vulnerable not only in this situation but in other areas too.”

“There is a hope that these houses will be the perfect solution to ease the pain of losing everything to the Tsunami,” That is part of the Honorable Minister’s welcoming speech to this ceremony.

According to the CEO for Infrastructure, Mr. Lopeti Heimuli, there are 207 houses that is yet to be build under the Project Management Unit (PMU), 40 houses have signed today and the 79 houses are left for Ha’apai. For the time being, 5 houses have been completed whereas 11 houses are almost complete.

The Honorable Prime Minister stated that there is an opportunity to rebuild their houses and the Government are working on it. On the other hand, contractors should know how many houses their building and be well prepared with their supplies and construction workers.

Houses of those who signed their contracts will be starting soon. The Government is funding these houses with a small portion paid by the recipient.


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